The Importance Of Protecting Your Portland Gutters

Gutter_Gaurds-in-portlandPortland gutters are essential to drain the water accumulated on the roof top in order to prevent damage to the roof and the sides of the building. Water stagnant on the roof can damage the roof in the long run. And if the water spills over, the sides of the walls can get damaged as well.

Leaves and debris can often clog the gutters, reducing their efficiency. Therefore it is necessary to install Portland gutter protection systems that would prevent debris from entering the gutter and clogging them.

An efficient Portland gutter will be able to drain all the water from the roof, resulting in better protection for the roof and the walls of the building. There are different types of Portland gutter protection systems in use such as:

i) Leaf Screens or Mesh

The leaf screens and mesh Portland gutter protection systems are made of metal consisting of a thin mesh to allow water alone to seep into the gutter. The metal covering fits inside the gutter and over the top as well. The mesh acts as a strainer to prevent the debris and the leaves from entering the gutter.

This enables the water to run freely through the gutter and out through the downspout. Over a period of time, the leaves and debris can completely block the mesh. So periodic cleaning of the debris is essential to keep the Portland gutter protection system functioning efficiently.

ii) Solid cover with side slots

This kind of Portland gutter protection system works on the principle of water adhesion. Unlike the mesh system where the entrance to the water is on the top, this system has slots or small holes along the vertical side or the bottom of the cover.

The strategic location of the slots prevents the possibility of debris clogging them. Debris normally does not stick to the sides or the bottom surface of the covers. Water on the other hand would adhere to the surface due to surface tension and then eventually enter the slots and run down the drain freely.

This system therefore is more unlikely to get clogged with debris when compared to the mesh system.

iii) Snap-in Gutter guards

These rigid vinyl Portland gutter guards are normally made of solid PVC. They are efficient at shedding debris from the Portland gutter system.

Be sure to call your local Portland Gutter protection specialist to install your gutter guards. Don’t put it off, go ahead and have your gutter guards installed today and protect your roof and home.

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