How To Get The Best Security With Multnomah County Window Replacements

changeA lot of homeowners don’t realize just how unsecure their windows are. This is true especially for homes with older windows still in place. Just the single pane and wobbly stability of the old wood can mean very easy access to the home for burglars and other criminals.

If you want to be safe and secure in your home, especially at night when most crime occurs, you’ll want to be sure your windows are secure and difficult for criminals to get into. At the same time, just installing security bars isn’t going to work too well when you need to be able to exit the window in the event of fire.

It’s important to understand the different replacement window types and how criminals can easily open them even when locked shut.

The problem first of all is that windows are manufactured with latches that keep the window shut. These are NOT locks. Latches do little to secure the windows, and here’s why.

On many of the common window styles, such as single or double hung, casement, or sliding windows, the latch is centered in the middle of the window and is easy to bypass by prying it. Imagine being able to just put a little pressure in the right place and the window opens. We bet you didn’t know it would be that easy!

Sliding windows are the worst when it comes to easy access through the latch, but many windows can also be pried off the track, and viola! -instant access is granted.

Older windows or even some new inferior and cheap ones you can still get today are single paned glass. This glass is so thin you can hear everything outside and are so easy to shatter that it’s no wonder criminals love to come across a home that still has the old windows.

What a lot of homeowners don’t realize when concerned about replacement windows to replace these older window styles is that they can get the same exact style but made of durable vinyl and better glass structure.

Today’s vinyl window replacements offer a huge selection of architectural styles as well as color choices. So put that concern out of your mind when wanting to keep the charm alive in your home.

The glass is also going to be better quality, consisting of double or triple panes. Heavy-duty laminated glass is also available for any replacement window you desire.

Customizations like adding privacy or decorative film to the window gives even another layer of security, ensuring the glass shatters instead of cracks with little noise. It also makes it harder to break. The same is true with window tinting and frosting as well.

Plus, these additional customizations will add value to the home as well as offer you options in privacy you’ll love.

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