5 Electrical Upgrades To Consider To Solve Common Problems

Portland Electrical ContractorProblems with flickering lights? Outlets that don't work? Or how about using all the kitchen appliance together? These are common issues that people face, especially when they live in an older home.

Unless the electrical system needs serious attention right away, the solution may be a simple upgrade. By all means, if you see burn marks, get shocked, or are at all concerned about the issue, call an electrician right away because it sounds serious. Of course you can call on the electricians at RJ Ramos Construction and Electrical with any electrical questions or concerns that you may have.

Here are some problems that a simple upgrade may solve.

  • - Can't use all the appliances together
  • - Dryer plug is different from the outlet
  • - Flickering lights and burned out bulbs
  • - Fried electronics and burned out wiring circuits

Problem: Can't Use All The Appliances Together


  • - Upgrade the electrical panel
  • - Install a dedicated circuit to heavy appliances

Putting the turkey in the oven, cooking all the sides, and warming it up in the microwave involves the use of a lot of home appliances. Sometimes our kitchen appliances work overtime, but then there are those times when you can never use the microwave without the lights dimming.

If this is happening in your home, it's a sure sign of trouble. You may have a heavy appliance drawing too much energy through the circuit or the electrical panel may need an upgrade.

Problem: Dryer Plug Is Different Than The Outlet


  • - Upgrade either outlet or plug, whichever is oldest

If the plug on the dryer cord doesn't match up with the outlet, you can upgrade the outlet or upgrade the dryer plug, whichever is oldest. If your outlet has four prongs, upgrade the dryer plug from a three to a four prong plug. But if the outlet has three prongs and your dryer has four, upgrade the outlet.

If you do this rather than using an adapter, both the dryer and outlet will work according to modern electrical standards. The three-pronged appliance plugs and outlets went out back in 1996 when the electrical safety code standards changed to require four prongs. The electrical upgrade is a safer and more energy efficient option.

Problem: Flickering Lights & Burned Out Bulbs


  • - Electrician to check for loose connections
  • - Replace and upgrade the light fixture

If you have a light that flickers in your home or you are always changing out light bulbs, there could be a loose connection at the light fixture or somewhere at the switch. This is an indication of an interruption of power along the wiring or electrical connections of the light. The fixture may also need to be replaced.

Other than that, some homes have fluorescent light fixtures usually in the kitchen or garage, in which case it could be the starter that sends electric jolts to ignite the gas inside the bulb. If this is the case and the fixture needs to be replaced, it is good to upgrade to an LED light fixture for energy efficiency and reliability.

Problem: Burned Out Computers & Electronics From Power Surges


  • - Upgrade the electrical panel with whole-home surge protection

You can upgrade to a whole home surge protector rather than using portable surge protection strips. Power surges have the capacity to fry out all the electronics in your home along with the entire circuit of electrical wiring. While this doesn't always happen, it can and does.

A whole home surge protector is the best upgrade you could make to solve this problem because everything is protected all the time. They are installed directly into the electrical panel by a licensed electrician.

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