3 Remodeling Tips From The Portland Pros

portland-kitchen-remodelingPortland Kitchen Remodeling can be quite extensive if you wish to tear everything out and install new. Sometimes homeowners just choose to update some things such as appliances, flooring, lighting, and countertops. But there are a whole slew of things you can change including space, layout, plumbing, and electrical.

Whether you choose to remodel everything in your kitchen or just some things, the professional Portland remodeling contractors at RJ Ramos Construction and Electrical Co. have some great advice for you.

Every kitchen design plan has a purpose. Not only is the plan in place to detail the project, it’s there for the remodeling contractors to know what you want and expect for the new kitchen space.

Here are some things to keep in mind when planning out your kitchen remodeling project…

Where To Begin In Planning Kitchen Remodeling

Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start when planning a Portland kitchen remodel. You’ll first need to decide what fits into your remodeling budget and what you want to change.

Is the layout right already? If so, there’s no point to changing it. If you have difficulty getting things out of the refrigerator or somethings in the way when you try to cook, you may need a new floorplan.

Tips To Choosing New Cabinets For Your Kitchen

Many people have a hard time when making decisions on what new cabinetry they want. From new flooring to paint to new appliances and more, you’ll be making all these choices.

If it’s hard to know where to start, try matching your choice of new cabinets to the appliances you’ll want. Since many know what style or type of refrigerator and stove they will want, it’s easier to match cabinets with the style of appliances.

Sleek stainless steel appliances are a common favorite of many homeowners, so lets take this for an example. How well would you think ornate cabinetry would work with stainless steel? Perhaps if you love ornate details, it would be better to have custom cabinetry built with panel doors for the appliances.

Choosing Your Flooring Replacement In Kitchen Remodeling

Tile, sealed hardwoods, travertine, slate, stone, and professionally painted or stained concrete work great in kitchens due to the durability and resistance to moisture.

If you are updating your Portland home, you can bring in a fresh, modern look while keeping the home’s charm with new flooring. Do you have old laminate? Why not replace it with something you won’t have to change again in a few years?

You should check out the gorgeous options in today’s beautiful bamboo floors. This natural hardwood is very eco-friendly and perfect for your new kitchen.

Making all these decisions about kitchen remodeling can be difficult. Your best option is to choose a general contractor for the Portland remodeling so you have access to designers who can help you create the kitchen you’ve always wanted while sticking to your budget.

If you would like more information about Kitchen Remodeling in Portland, OR, please feel free to call the general contractors at RJ Ramos Construction and Electrical Co. 503-233-1435 or complete our online request form.