Important Tips You Need Before Taking On Your Portland Bathroom Remodeling Project

Portland Bathroom RemodelingMaking the wise decision to move forward with a bathroom remodeling project for your Portland home is one you are going to be glad you made. However, there are a few things that you should keep in mind, beforehand, in order to make your project a success.

If you are working with a reputable industry expert, they should offer you tips like these, plus plenty more. If not, that should be a red flag that you may need to find a contractor who cares about helping clients not just rushing through the job.

Some Things to Keep in Mind

Before you start picking out the details of your new bathroom, keep some of these tips in mind so that you can make wise choices:

  • Set a budget first and foremost. Too many homeowners try to figure out a budget once the job starts, which defeats the purpose.
  • Next, prioritize your budget. If a brand new luxury shower is the most important thing on your wish list, determine where you can cut costs with what doesn't matter. This will enable you to get what you want and save money on what you don't care about.
  • Don't let lighting be one of the ways you save money. It doesn't mean you have to get the most costly option, just make sure there is adequate lighting to make this room functional for tasks like applying makeup.
  • If you have limited storage space, choose a vanity that makes up for it. Too many homeowners choose a pedestal sink which eliminates any possibility for storage.
  • Take your own height into consideration. No matter how visually appealing the finished results are, you don't want to end up with fixtures that are not user-friendly, based on their height compared to yours.
  • Plan around your toilet. One common mistake is for the door to swing in and hit the toilet. The other common mistake is to place the toilet where it is visible from the other rooms when the door is left open.

Getting the Best in Service

When you think of great results for your Portland bathroom remodeling project, you probably visualize what the finished results will look like. However, don't neglect to remember the importance of this also including superior customer service.

Too many homeowners end up disappointed with the outcome because of simple mistakes that could have been avoided, had the so-called professional contractor offered advice. Here at RJ Ramos Construction and Electrical Co. promise that we will work with you, through each stage of the job, so that you end up loving the final results.

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